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Astronomers Detected the end of Universe from biggest explosion

From the Big Bang theory of the Universe, Astronomers had predicted the ending. The purpose of the world will occur from the supermassive blast of a black hole. They predicted that this black devil would engulf all the galaxies one by one and finally engulf each other to make the end of the Universe. Till now we can’t confirm when it will take place. But no single living being will be available on earth to see it.

According to the discovery of this massive destruction, by the International Centre of Radio Astrology Research in Australia. The details of their development are puCentreon Researchers say that the powerful explosion will be due to the engulfment of a black hole. NASA’s Chandra X-ray and XMM-Newton space observatory have assumed about the prediction of the inevitable end. By predicting the blast, they, the researchers conclude that the reason for the end will be the gravitational force. Each and everybody in the Universe follows the law of attraction, and at last, all the moving bodies will go inside a big black hole.

The nearest black hole from our galaxy cluster is present in the center of the Ophiuchus galaxy. This black hole is about 390 million light-years from the earth. It is the nearest black hole that we have near us. But, Nothing to worry about as it is now going to happen after some years. The researcher’s observation state that the black hole is present at the center of the Ophiuchus galaxy. It is about 390 million light-years from the earth. According to them, the massive blast will be so powerful that its hole will take all the cosmic objects inside. According to the researchers, the x-ray imaging analysis of the Universe came will some result that is by science. Simona Giacintucci, the man in lead of this research, said that the theory fits best with the 15 milky way galaxies, It’s not possible to stop as it’s a nature theory that will happen someday. Until the species of human beings exist on earth, we can keep on exploring the study about the Universe. Human doesn’t have any technology which can shift him back to another planet, even moving to the nearest world is not possible. Thus, Only the research and science can decide up to what limit we can grow in studying the Universe.

Professor Melanie Johnston, one of the co-authors of this research, noted that our modern technology couldn’t bear to explore the Universe. We need to develop the technology to more advance as we dug the past and found out the study of dinosaurs. Similarly, we research the big bang theory to find the end of the Universe by a black hole explosion. With the help of a modern telescope, we have explored a lot in our solar system. We have only the method left with us, which we have to prove right.

The department of astronomy stated that we have modern tools on the telescope that can dig deeper to find out the outbursts of the Universe. Advanced technology can help us to go back and forwards at present to find more mystery in the world. Their research says that all the black hole will join and become so more significant that it can engulf many galaxies at a time. The researchers noted that the mess produced by the explosion was so big that multiple universes could fit inside it.

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