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The C.D.C Officials Warn of Coronavirus Outbreaks in the U.S.

Health officials passed a statement that clusters of infection are likely in American communities. It is questioned by the lawmakers that whether the Nation is prepared or not. A warning was made on Tuesday by Federal Health officials that the new coronavirus will almost surely spread in the United States, preparations need to be done by hospitals, businesses, and schools. Dr. Nancy Messionier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, briefed about the situation. He said that the right question to make is that exactly when will it happen and not ask that if It will happen. He further added that they are asking Americans to work with them to make preparations, with an expectation that it could be bad. Due to the outbreaks in more than two dozen countries, C.D.C. officials seemed convinced that the virus spread in the United States is inevitable. They are not sure of the effect, whether it is mild or severe.

The infection has entered Iran, Italy, and South Korea. The C.D.C. on Monday warned Americans not to visit South Korea. A total of 893 cases were reported in South Korea by Tuesday. South Korea’s Federal Health agency reported 60 cases. 49 cases were reported from Daegu. Havoc can be created in the United States due to coronavirus outbreaks. So the lawmakers from both Republican and Democratic parties grilled Mr. Azar and other Senate Administration members, apparently unconvinced that the Trump Administration was prepared for the outbreaks that C.D.C. is forecasting. C.D.C. coronavirus warnings need to be taken seriously.

The lawmakers are informed by administration officials after overseeing the response to a coronavirus outbreak, that the initial funding requested by the White House, $1.25 billion in new funds and $1.25 billion taken from other programs would most likely be just a first round.  Diagnostic kits are manufactured by the C.D.C to be used by state and local Labs. But the kits Turner out to be flawed. No replacement is yet distributed.  A few dozen cases to date have had been handled by the nation’s hospital. Many hospitals stated that they are too planning to treat patients outside their facilities, using telemedicine. They take care of People with mild corona virus symptoms at home.

It is very difficult to diagnose the true symptoms of coronavirus. The C.D.C. performs most of the testing and samples are sent from the state to agencies in Atlanta. Despite the early hospital preparations, there is the unavailability of vaccines and treatment for coronavirus symptoms, and communities and each individual should prepare other safety means. W.H.O officials have also sent a threat that the world is incapable of a jump in infections, which could devastate medical resources in many countries. They also cautioned that new cases could suddenly in China, as the government struggles to get people back to work. The infection figures reported by China sound suspicious to the world and the probability has raised that there are many cases that are still under-reported. People are well aware now that what is the coronavirus.

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