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Recent rumors say that Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds are expecting a baby. The followers of Symonds got to know about this when he posted on his Instagram that he and Carrie engaged last year, and till summer, we expecting a baby. It was a blessed moment. The news reactions were very graceful from the followers of Instagram. After the engagement of the prime minister, they are going to have their first child. Thus, they get a lot of congratulations from their followers. This announcement makes people distracted. Some peoples say that this news was just a distraction to politics.

Several people also accepted the announcement and started counting the number of children the prime minister had. This rumor of the ex-mayor was that he also has a child outside of the marriage, but he has not yet publically acknowledged about this happening. Carrie Symonds still in the news for the same reason.

The 11 twitter reactions that Carrie Symonds received about the pregnancy are the following:-

  • Senior civil servant, Sir Philip Rutnam, said him it’s a claim of distraction and nothing else from the politics
  • Sir Rutnam posted that this a construction dismissal over the alleged accusation against Priti Patel.
  • The permanent secretary of the home office posted that it’s been the target of the vicious campaign. He also no role for the government.
  • Sir Rutnam called it a distraction; he told that the couple had married, so it no matters to announce, they will have a baby.
  • The leading civil servants posted this type of post is a distraction to politics. A prime minister must not tweet in this way. The court should make some policies for the prime minister.
  • Jones added that he is sure of the right wings, and no 10/bidding and press release should do against such off news.
  • Carrie Symonds also get some positive replies from some politicians about the messages of congratulations. The couple got a lot of complement for having a great married life.
  • Said Javid, who had quiet the cabinet of prime minister tweeted that it’s a piece of fantastic news to hear such voices from your side so many many congratulations. He also mentioned their name separately on twitter’s reply.
  • Stroud Siobhan Baillie, the conservative MP, wrote that welcome to the lump of the magic gang.
  • The parliamentary secretary, Nadine Dorries, said about Carrie Symonds that she is trilling for the couple. She also added that being pregnant is something more like feeling special. Better to celebrate your day.
  • Several people funned at him and said that it was supposed what we expected from the prime minister.

Both the couples already had four children before the divorce in 2018. After completion of nine years of separation, their 5th child was born with an extramarital affair. Some believe that the prime minister is not the father of the child. According to Wikipedia, he has 5 to 6 babies. Looking into the news, several people make fun of him. Some posted that Mr. Johnson assigned to making the UK out of the European Union. Carrie Symonds doesn’t get any negative replies for the post by Johnson.

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