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Chasten Buttigieg shared his opinion against the comment made by Rush Limbaugh towards his husband Mayor Pete

Recently Chasten Buttigieg open his mouth against Rush Limbaugh to tell him that it is none of his business to enter into the personal lives of people. Actually Rush commented on his husband, Mayor Pete who is a gay in the radio loudmouth as a homophobic attack on this White House contender. According to Chasten Buttigieg, he is going through these things entire his life and he does not care about what people are thinking about their relationship. Some days ago they shared a same-sex smooch in front of public which was the reason why Limbaugh started to comment on them.

Rush Limbaugh received a presidential medal for freedom recently and after that, he made the comment that Americans are not yet ready for the display of affection by a gay couple. It created a large impact in the American White House. It also angered the gay partner Mayor Pete, Chasten Buttigieg and he didn’t lose the chance to slam Limbaugh for his unnecessary comment on their relationship. Limbaugh tries to say that America was not ready to elect a gay President who kisses his husband on a debate stage in front of the whole public. He also drew a lot of racist theories of conspiracy as well as some string of the concept regarding right-wing. Mayor Pete took a step in this and also told Rush Limbaugh to stay away from their life. He also stated that he was not willing to take the lectures regarding family values from Limbaugh.

Chasten Buttigieg was born and brought up in a Christian family in Michigan. In 2018 he married Pete Buttigieg and took his last name. Currently, he is a big name in the social media platforms and also very popular as a public figure in some particular campaigns. He is a big example of a successful gay partner of the president of America. When he started his opinion against Rush Limbaugh, it was clear that he was not going to take any racist comment regarding him and his husband due to their private relationship. They were quite bold enough to accept their relationship in public by marrying each other 2 years ago.

According to Chasten Buttigieg, used to listen to this kind of comments almost every day in his life and now he tries to ignore the bad vibes from them. According to him, it is impossible to clear the mind of the people when they don’t want to accept reality. It proved to be true by the recent comment from his side against Rush Limbaugh who try to slam them because of their relationship as well as the public display of affection. According to Chasten Buttigieg and Mayor Pete, they don’t need to reconsider their relationship because of some random people and also they are not willing to take any family value advice from a person like Rush Limbaugh.

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