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Club Brugge vs Man United match draws

The match between Club Brugge vs Man United received a draw by the one and only goal made by Manchester United player Anthony Martial. This goal cancels out the goal made by Emmanuel Bonaventure of Club Brugge. This club started really well in the first 15 minutes of the match when Simon Mignolet gives a pass Bonaventure and he was succeeded to score by tackling Sergio Romero. Then the visitors got surprised to see the terrific comeback of Manchester United by the effort of Brandon Mechele and of course Anthony Martial. This was the major turning point of the game and the whole scenario was changed completely.

In the latter half of the game, the difference from Manchester United was a bit low in the anticipated game between Club Brugge vs Man United. They missed some opportunities from their side and it led to the goal by Club Brugge. They coped up in the game am and came up with the scoring goal by Anthony Martial. Manchester United signed Odison Ighalo in January recently along with Bruno Fernandes. They were kind of the asset player for them who made the pressure growing against Club Brugge. This type of defensive playing changed the picture very fast. Later on, Club Brugge looked distressed by losing a winning game but then they were quite happy with the decent score. Otherwise, the Club Brugge would have been winning if Manchester United would not have made the last move from their side.

Somehow Manchester United player, Anthony Martial’s scoring goal stop the bright start by Club Brugge. A lot of visitors came in the match of Club Brugge vs Man United and at the last, they all had a very nice game to watch. Previously it was about the one-sided game but the final result drew big change in the whole match. This away goal was very helpful for the team of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but also club Brugge can be a big danger in the next match going to take place in Old Trafford in the very next week. So it cannot be said that the game will be one-sided there also or the other team can make a big change in the last minute or not.

The Club Brugge coach, Philippe Clement was by the side of the debutant player, De Cuyper. He said that whatever mistake is done by him is very common for the game of football. According to the goalkeeper of Club Brugge, the game was not very easy against Manchester United. He is also very excited to play the next match between Club Brugge vs Man United in old Trafford. As it is very tough to get away goals, the manager of Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was quite happy to get that in this match. As a whole, you can say that it was quite a spectacular match for the visitors also. They enjoyed every bit of it because of the tension between the two teams resulting in the result of 1-1.

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