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Coronavirus makes the world blink; four major cases emerge in Britain.

On Sunday, four new cases against coronavirus observed in Uk. Experts warned for the chances of suffering in some parts of Italy. The map of Italy is going to fill up from the red signal after some months if treatment against the virus doesn’t come out. Some cases already come to Milan and Lombardy. The initial infection has a massive rise across the world. The test for all the travelers performed adequately before going into the ship. Still, while returning from Japan on the Diamond Princess cruise ship,

The British patients feel some illness, and after analyzing the report showed coronavirus symptoms. The patients reaching the UK transferred to NHS infection centers for the treatment. Two of the patients shifted to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. From them, one patient moved to Royal Liverpool University Hospital. The fourth patient turned to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. As per these new records, Professor Keith Willett, NHS director for coronavirus, said that the specialist present in the health center prepared well to deal with the virus. The specialist from Newcastle successfully treated the two patients from the infection and discharged them. The medical reports also show people’s death in France due to coronavirus.

Corona symptoms are spreading like a pandemic disease. Pandemic meaning is spreading the virus to all parts of the world. But now 13 more cases come out in the UK against corona according to the report from Italy News channels. More than 152 diagnosis cases occurred in the country. Out of them, four people already died. In Lombardy and Veneto, more than eleven towns put an official lockdown with Prime minister Giuseppe Conte Until Friday, Three cases have already come out of coronavirus in northern Italy.

Some of the cases also found in Iran and nearby countries. South Korea news says that the opportunity of suffering from corona won’t stop. People are taking proper safety care, but still, we can’t stop them from spreading. Few reports come about Coronavirus from Newyork. The virologist is in fear that it covers without showing any symptoms. It is quite challenging to track the virus and a higher chance of being infected. Korean President Moon Jae-in placed an alert when six people died from the illness, and more than 600 people are ill due to the same factor of infection. In Iran, the reports say that eight deaths already occurred from 43 cases.

Dr. Bharat Pankhania, the clinical lecturer at Exeter University, warned the passengers who are traveling to take primary safety of protecting themselves from others while traveling. We don’t know how the impact maybe, but some prevention measures will help in protection against the disease.  He also said that the Government should ban the people coming from Italy as there may also be the chance of infection. He told to ensure N95 masks to have some safety. The self-isolate protection can only make us come out from the treatment. Currently, 9 Asian countries are on the list of maximum viral infection. So it is necessary steps to all the people coming from those countries to ban from entering inside. But, the Public Health department of England will update the guidance very soon and quarantined the town. The health department should focus more on the Quality and testing fields to increase diagnostic accuracy. All the medical specialists are in the hope of getting coronavirus treatment very soon.

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