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Parkinson’s disease is easily curable; New molecules came out.

Recent researches models show that Parkinson’s disease is easily curable due to the coming of new molecules. As per the report, a new unit invented to cure the neurochemical balance in the body. It is a disease of pausing in movements. Most older adults are most likely to suffer from this disease. There is an imbalance in-between the dopamine and Acetylcholine neurotransmitter inside the body. It leads to a lack of reaching signals in the brain and slows down the functioning. The most common symptoms against the disease are Rigidity, Tremor, and Slow movements of the body.

As per the reports of 2016, It estimated that more than 6.1 million people had Parkinson’s disease in the world. The researches among the Specialists was going on till time to find some useful therapies. Now it developed a new molecule for its treatment. The University of Helsinki, in Finland, is successful in finding the first moiety, and they named it BT13. They believed that BT13 has the potential for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. They are conducting an in-vitro and in Vivo studies, the research team, as published about the disorder in the journal.

Prof. David Dexter, deputy director of research at Parkinson’s UK, said that people with parkinsonism had found a new method of treatment to reduce their symptoms and to get some relief with the help of the original molecule BT13. The charity has awarded the team for inventing the new molecule for the treatment.

The reason for the cause of disease

The research shows that the leading cause of the disease is the deficiency of dopamine levels in the body. The loss of the doping concentration results in improper hormones trans regulation and thus causes a lack of movements.

According to the GDNF treatment method, we need a surgical technique to deliver the molecule inside the brain using surgical procedures. It is the best method to treat the disease from the base. The earlier treatment was a failure because the unit was not able to cross the blood-brain barrier. But the recently created BT13 can do so and to save the loss of dopamine inside the brain. In earlier methods, most of the therapeutic drugs we’re unable to face the microorganism. The invention of the new molecule is now capable of meeting all the consequences without any side effects.

The specialist says that they have only find the central molecule, but a lot of experimental works are still available for the total conformity of its therapeutic value. The unit will be researching further to find out the full characteristic and function inside every part of the body. Now they can’t reveal the treatment because they have to do various clinical trials, and if they find it safe, then it will come to the market as a treatment to Parkinson.

Yulia Sidorova, Ph.D., lead researcher, said that the study of the disease with the researchers and his colleagues are very well. They are working very hard to find an appropriate treatment of Parkinson. He hopes that this time the molecule work properly and gave them some good result. He also mentioned that they are doing a lot of experiments with BT13 to save it from failure. They are improving the molecule as per the reaction mechanism to get good results.

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