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People taking online mindfulness-based cognitive therapy face depression relapse

According to the latest research regarding online mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), it confirmed that it could recover you from depression. Yes, it is true that if you are feeling depressed due to any reason, then it is the best treatment for you to improve. Researchers team analyzed that a kit if symptoms for depression among the people now no more exist. They make them treat their mind not to control them but make them control their mind. This moto of treatment causes them to get rid of depression.

The treatment of online MBCT has already published in JAMA psychiatric journal. The journal says that, in MBCT, the patient treats not only his mind but also the body to recover correctly from depression.

Ancient treatment method

The old method for treating depression emerges from Buddhists in Asian countries. The Buddhists say that depression will go away by proper meditation. Till now, most of the people having depression do regularly reflect for recovering out. The treatment provides full peace in mind and makes the mind to think about the present.

Modern treatment method

Now man thinks that they have a lot of researchers for the brain, and they know the brain much better. According to the latest research, one of the most prominent methods of treating depression is MBCT therapy. Most of the people taking this therapy gave proper feedback. In this method of treatment, the patient in a depression not only work for keeping the mental peace but also take some additional cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for recovery. It is the advanced version of treatment than the the the the the earlier one. In this treatment, both the mind and the body come in full control with improvement in the behavior.

In MBCT treatment, people learn the skill to regulate their emotional behavior, Feelings, and sensations. They reached how to react to people and how to reply. All these processes go step by step.

According to the journal of meta-analysis in Clinical Psychology, It found that  MBCT is like a therapy of anti-depression. It works better than taking antidepressant pills. People taking this treatment have very fewer chances of relapse of the disease. But, still, people are facing relapse of depression even if after making the proper medication.

According to Prof. Zindel Segal of the University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada, The replacement is possible only if the person will start the same reason for depression at the time of sleep. Worrying about matters will also replace it. No doubt, the treatment can cure 95% of patients, but still, there are some changes for replacing who even suffer a lot. He also says that those people who are facing depression even after the treatment is because they don’t come here for treatment, but they come to divert their mind. If they give their effort to take proper treatment, then they will not face such a problem again.

He also said that taking medication two or more times will not remove the depression because we can’t control the mind of anyone, but we show them a path on how to face challenges if depression comes. It depends on the people how did they follow it. At first, MBCT treatment available in some cities, but for making it available to everyone Prof. Segal developed an online version of MBCT, which is known by name Mindful Mood Balance (MMB) to cause depression less world.

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