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Personal Staff of President Tested Positive inside the White House

USA president Donald Trump recently spent his weekend at the jungles of Maryland with some of his fellow aids. He was attending several calls and meetings while being there. He shared many of his personal stories and experiences to his staffs his weekend was panned to take a break from the busy schedule and take a relaxation from Washington. As per reports, USA president Donald Trump and his staff also watched a few movies in the special president’s movie theatre. As nowadays all of the movie theatres in the USA are closed due to the global pandemic Coronavirus. All was going fine and smoothly for the weekend until one of the staff who was in the theatre with the US President Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. This news created a flashpoint in the whole US media.

White house nowadays is conducting large scale tests inside the White House to stop the spread of infection among the top US officials inside the White House in Washington. Later on the US president, Donald Trump returned from Maryland this weekend and has now started making baseless claims against the ex-US president Barack Obama. According to a news source, some of the most top us officials of the white house stated to the CNN that they are working to create a high-security complex. The top officials who work in the white house get tested daily for the coronavirus infection. This decision was taken after one of the staff who came in contact with US President Donald Trump and the Vice president of the US tested positive for the coronavirus infection. After the tracing of the infection path doctors came to know that maybe that staff came in contact with an infected person a few days ago.

As current reports till now, no other staff or officials inside the White House has been tested positive for the Coronavirus. Neither any member of the US president’s Donald Trump team has been tested positive. But we all know that things are not normal, a large number of the employees of White House are still working from home and they will only be allowed to work from office when things will settle down. Coronavirus has changed a large number of things inside the white house. Now all of the staff and the officials of the white house must wear the mask. All of the officials and staff are advised to keep a distance from each other and avoid any kind of physical touch. They have to sanities themselves before entering the white house. These all guidelines are made by US President Donald Trump himself and he makes sure that it gets followed by each of the staff of the white house.

In these recent days, the officials are getting confused regarding the false results of some of the corona tests. Even the Food and drug administration of the USA has alerted the civilians about the false results of the corona tests.

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