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Obama Commencement Speech of 2020 High School Graduates

 Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, in his second commencement address of 2020, told graduating high school students to be brave and reject all old ways of thinking during the time of the pandemic. He stressed doing things together and bring a change to major problems like economic inequalities, climatic change, etc. He inspired them to look at this pandemic as an opportunity to script the history of their nation.

In his commencement speech of 2020, Obama told a television show, Graduate together, “If the world is going to get better, it is up to you. He appealed to them to leave all the old ways of thinking like sexism, racism, greed, and sex and set their country and region on new heights. He asked them to forget all the old ways and look into the new ones to develop what is required. If the youth did not come into charge today, the United States would never be able to rise above the pandemic.

Barack Obama is an idol for many students. His way of speaking and doing is admired by many. In his first commencement speech 2020, he addressed the graduates of historically black colleges and universities. He criticized the current government. The recent COVID 19 pandemic has fully changed the idea and shaped the way that many people in charge know what they are doing. After that, he ended in his usual optimistic way. His words are like a storm bringing a drastic change in the youth.

Even in his second commencement speech 2020, he criticized the current administration. He not only criticized them but also bought a revolution among the youth to bring a change in their thinking and the United States. According to him, all the adults don’t have all the answers to your questions. They are neither giving the right answer nor asking the right questions, these days. Also, things are very close. Some of the adults, who are engaged in fancy jobs or have fancy titles, do what appears convenient and easy for them, and not what is right. He had a focus on motivating the graduates to use COVID 19 as an opportunity to develop themselves and their respective nations.

With adulthood comes a new agency. Barack Obama told the youth that “your graduation marks your passage into adulthood”. According to him, considering that passage can be a bit frightening. With his words, he had the hearts of all. With all the challenges, that the United States faces now, nobody can question the youth that you are too young to understand. This is so because, with so much uncertainty, youth is the only medium to experiment and express its way. The present graduates are shapers of tomorrow. They have the power to build their country. When they try and experiment, they are ready to boost the country with their experience. Also, they can build and offer guidelines and practices to other nations as well.

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