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18 May Lockdown 4.0! New Guidelines What’s Allowed And What’s not Allowed

The center on May 17 Extended The nationwide Lockdown, First imposed on March 24, for the fourth time till May 31 while giving considerable flexibility to the states in deciding red, green, and oranges zones of COVID-19 intensity.

Immediately after the national disaster management authority(NDMA) announced lockdown 4.0!  to check the spread of the novel coronavirus, the ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued fresh Guidelines to allow the further resumption of economic activity.

Marketplaces can be opened in addition to the standalone shops. salons and barbershops can open in red zones too. However, shops will have staggered timings and will have to ensure social distancing. Inter-states movement of vehicles and buses permitted with the consent of States. They will also decide on the intra-state bus service. Taxis, autos, cab aggregators & e-rickshaw services no longer barred in red zones.

While designating zones, States have been allowed to draw up lists of red, orange, and green zones, though in keeping with detailed guidelines provided by the center. The Saturday order of the ministry of home affairs made it evident that several requests of the states seeking elbow room two organizing economic activities have been accepted. Inter states bus travel will need the consent of concerned states, which is not a hurdle as many are ready to permit this.

Domestic and international air travel of passengers and metro services won’t be starting yet. schools,  colleges, hotels, restaurants, movie halls, malls, swimming pools, and gyms will continue to stay shut. All social-political, religious functions, and places of worship not allowed to open yet. movement of people will remain prohibited across the country from 7 PM to 7 AM. people above 65, with Co-morbidities, pregnant women, under 10 kids shall stay at home.

Lockdown has been extended in Punjab’s Ludhiana district up to May 31. However, activities like taxi and cab aggregators, barbershop and salons, and agricultural activities have been permitted to operate in non-contentment zones. Night curfew is imposed from 7 PM to 7 AM in district Ludhiana from May 18 to May 31. in the containment zones. only essential activities shall be allowed. in Ludhiana, as for now, as of now, there are no demarcated contentment zones.

Even as the country enters lockdown 4.0, which will continue till the end of May, the ease in restrictions on business and factories will help move economic activities. E-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart are also preparing to be to deliveries across all three zones, (green, orange, and red), expect in containment zones.

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