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Ohio State cancels in-person classes, Fearing from Coronavirus

Ohio State University cancelled the in-person classes due to the fear of Coronavirus. According to the university, the state university says that the risk can make the situation more critical so, We need to suspend the classes till the end of March. The surprising thing about the university is that No cases of COVID-19 found among the students of Ohio. But, still, the university is taking the step to become safe. It doesn’t want any claim due to the fear of Coronavirus. The university is taking care of all the students daily by illness are arising on the students. They are taking them directly to the hospital for proper checkup.

The president of Ohio State University, Micheal Drake, wrote that illness is the beginning of any disease, so the first step for safety is to cure the illness. He also says suspending classes can depict some education syllabus but caring about life is more important than education. If life doesn’t exist, then school even have no value. The safety of the campus is always the priority. The student’s cooperation and collaboration on the university supporting the step taken by the university. The university is very supportive of the care of its students. The president says that the application of education is possible only if we have a good health condition. Therefore in the month, they will shot out a full checkup of the students who are having any illness. They had set up online-based classes or the students so their studying hour will not get disturbed anymore. They can take courses from their place and return to the campus after completing it.

Ohio State University is taking significant steps against health and hygiene for the students. It will encourage all the education system for taking preventive measures against Coronavirus until we get an appropriate treatment against it. Drake also says that they know that every student will not be much strict and comfortable in online classes. But still, they have to adjust to it for some time so far the epidemic transmission of the disease is a concern. It is also not possible for everyone to be compatible with the time of classes. It is the work of the institution to look at all the problems, so they find that an online system of education can help them to be in touch with the study. The university also suspended the international study travel tour from taking a protective measure against the disease. So, no international outing will take place until April 20.

Ohio State University has launched a website against the Coronavirus that will contain all the information and news about the virus. What is happening in the world and which places the disease are wide-spreading. It also provides an email id from which the university students and staffs can mail them to ask any query about the virus. The name of the website is [email protected]

Ohio State University is taking care of the regular updates and uploading contents on the website about the virus. Their motto is to keep all safe and help the people. Drake said that human lives in an educated society, so it is the time that we are using to make others known about the true meaning of education. He also said that whatever step that will be possible for the institution it will do for the people. As the life of the people is at risk to it is an opportunity to save humanity.

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