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Lakers vs. Clippers: LeBron and Anthony seek help from supporting cast

For the first time, The Lakers beat the Clippers in the game on Sunday afternoon. The Los Angeles Lakers are no longer the losers. They tried hard to win the last game after losing two matches against the Los Angeles Clippers. They realized that one more failure would lead to more murmurs about their playoff viability. The Lakers plate like it in a 112-103 win; as failing to 0-3 against your biggest competitor is marginal disastrous. The Clippers led the game at halftime; though it was a close game. Suddenly when Lakers vs. Clippers excited the audience, the pairing of LeBron James and Anthony Davis was just too tough. The superstar duo scored 58. They steered the Lakers in carrying the Clippers to only 39.5 % shooting from the field. For the second straight game, the Lakers — who whip the Bucks on Friday — largely contrived to shut down one of the promising teams in the NBA. The distinction for the Lakers was not the superstars, though. After all, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard gave the Clippers an analogous 58 points.

It was the functional players that tugged the Lakers over the top. Avery Bradley marked a season-high 24 points in making half of his 12 3-point attempts. Now the Lakers can join the playoffs without any regular-season narratives reflecting them down. They have won against everybody that they need to defeat. They have ascertained everything that they need to ascertain. And while there is still a long way to go if they strive to gain a victory in the championship, they can at least seek that goal without any burden. This season is not about their competition with the Clippers or LeBron’s battle for the MVP with Giannis Antetokounmpo. It is completely about hugging the trophy at the end, the last thing left for this Lakers team to accomplish. Lakers vs. Clippers seemed fascinating.

Kawhi Leonard might be the promising guarding player in the NBA. In the first two rounds between these teams, he was so fortunate that he tended to make LeBron James look deadly. He averaged only a slight 20.5 points on 37 percent shooting in their first two fightings this season, directing many to infer that James’ athletic gifts had waned to the point that he could no longer score against such a tough defender. While the third quarter magnified the numbers narrowly, this was eventually a game interpreted by the defense. Neither team had a compatible method of inducing good shots against the other’s remarkable defense, so whenever a probable detriment stepped on the floor, they were quizzed. Kyle Kuzma upheld the test. Montrezl Harrell primarily did as well. These are players that can get chased in the right situations, but they more than seized their own.

The Lakers vs. Clippers have appeared 3 times. They were tied after 3 quarters in the first two. The Lakers led by 4 after 3 today. The Clippers missed today’s game by 9 points. They also lost 9 free throws. The Lakers did not even win the Christmas game by literal fingernail gratitude to instant replay. The message here is that gambling on either side in a playoff series at this point would be illogical. When you factor in their dealt arena and the lost home-court benefit that comes with it, these might be the two most evenly matched teams to ever meet up in a playoff series. Banning drastic shooting variance, most of their games are going to be short and come down to a limited plays at the end.

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