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Is Katy Perry pregnant with fiance Orlando Bloom’s child

Katy Perry recently releases a video titled ‘Never Worn White’ It is said that the video reveals her pregnancy. It’s time for congratulating her. This American idol who is idolised for her singing states on Wednesday that she is pregnant with her first child. This was revealed by her via her new music video which is quite trending for a long time. Katy Perry’s engagement with her fiance Orlando Bloom has already been the talk of the town. Orlando is soon going to be Katy Perry’s husband. In the song video, Katy was resting her hand on her stomach in a fashion which made it seem like she was cradling the bump. The full music video was dropped on Wednesday night. Perry confirmed that the speculation was more beautiful when one saw in the closing shot as was shown in her profile. In it, she was seen wearing a sheer dress and also was found flaunting her baby bump which was quite sizeable. Katy Pary has earlier also dated Jared Leto.

The song alluded to a lot of things including motherhood or on a higher level marriage. This was evident from the lyrics like, “I have never worn white/but I wanna get it right/ yeah I really want to try with you” Katy Perry also dropped a hint on Twitter. This pointed to a great extent to her fiance Orlando Bloom. After the premiere of the music video, Perry also stated on Instagram that the coming months would be busy for her with a baby on the way and also with a new music video on the way. Katy Perrys fiance, Bloom has made no statements as such though. Katy Perry also said that probably this was the longest secret she kept. But, she knew that she might have to reveal it someday.

 Katy Perry further went on to say that she used to get some serious pregnancy cravings. Also, she explained that never did she care for spicy food in the past. But, now she carries some Tabasco sauce with her almost everywhere. Katy Perrys age is not much much of a barrier between all this. Orlando Bloom is a 43-year-old actor. Also, he is the father of a 9-year-old son named Flynn. He has this son from his ex-wife, Miranda.

Katy Perry also says that the lyrics in her song are true to a great extent because she wore a dove grey dress. She did not wear a white dress at her wedding with her first husband Russel Brand. This happened around 2010 So, that is a reason as to why she looks forward to wearing a white dress at her wedding which will be with Orlando Bloom in the future. Though, in one of the shows, he had said that he and Perry are looking forward to having kids in future. Later he said that he loved kids and that Perry is great with kids.

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