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Taylor Swift’s new video “The Man” is out, She gave her voice.

The new video of Taylor Swift released out on Thursday. The title of her video is “The Man.” The video starts with her character in a male role. IIIn the end, it reminds the importance of man in life. Taylor Swift came with a significant part. The makeup of the man is so real that it doesn’t tell you to forget about the past characters. It is the first-ever video on the internet with someone doing a role like a man.

The music in the video gives you touch with her previous video of turning to a man. She played the role of a boss in an office who is enjoying ships, parties, and a lot more. Swift in the male character looks very handsome. In the video, you will find her very happy with her new look at the man. She is independent to do whatever he wants. Taylor swift the man music video is all about the independent living style of a man in the society. Making new albums with different roles makes her the master in recordings. All her new videos were a hit in 2018. The labels of recordings and acting make the audience think about the reality of man. All her pre-reputation master is for her enemy Scooter Braun. Swift already cleared last year about her plan to let all the things stay away. She will rerecord all her old stuff and own it again in a different style.

Taylor Swift uses to stay silent in the beginning. She even told that she didn’t want to find it useful to answer media about anything in the past. But now Swift changed a lot; from 2018, all her shutting up character went away. She is currently a bit to bit speaker of any question. It doesn’t like to talk about politics. She changes herself by breaking her silent character in Tennessee. But in Taylor swift the man video, you can find her with the most shocking role.

Recently, Miss Americana is out on Netflix. On the web series, Swift endorsement all her struggle for taking her voice. She said that she focused on the people to make them like her. She became the person whom everyone wants her to be. Now no more fear to face the camera and probably faced to turn out of Dixie chicks.

In 2018, Taylor Swift had a duty for the Democratic politicians. Most of her fans thought of facing her intense backlash. But, at the time if Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, she felt that she is not so popular, and it was a liability to Clinton.  In the web series Miss Americana, Swift had a bitter fight with her father and other staff. She played the role of a girl participating in politics.  Her father told her not to be crazy about politics. But, when in reality, she began to reject from people for leading. She decided to speak out on all subjects related to her matter. Swift is one of the most excellent storytellers. The climax of the video “The Man” was just a part of it. She liked to narrate a story when she was among the reputed people of 2018. She always writes her songs and starred her for her videos.

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